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Cover E Malaria 2010 02 special smallMalaria is considered to be a tropical disease today. In earlier days, however, it also caused much suffering in Europe. The marshes and moors of Northern Germany were dreaded malaria-infested regions up to the 19th century. Every second child in East Frisia is suspected to have been infected with the marsh fever during the epidemic in 1826. Similarly, outbreaks of malaria were quite frequent at the Upper Rhine. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. On the southern hemisphere though, malaria is still harsh reality even today. Almost one million people die of a fatal mosquito bite each year, every 30 seconds a child dies. That is reason enough to take a look at the disease.
This Pharma-Brief Special gives information on prevention, therapy and supply problems, provides the background on current research projects and describes the history of malaria between colonial politics and military interests.

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